Light/small/sharp/wide manual legacy prime lens for $50

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Re: Light/small/sharp/wide manual legacy prime lens for $50

The smallest relevant lens is (Belo)Russian Industar-69 28mm f/2.8 - originally intended for "Chaika" half-frame rangefinders. Not _great_, but very adequate, especially given its size.  You need to "scramble" some 0.5mm off the adapter depth to make it focus to infinity, AND its worth to remove focus limiters from the lens. Search for instructions on the web.

In the ~50mm domain the interesting el-cheapo lenses are (Ukrainian) Industar 61LD 55/2.8 and (Russian) Industar 50 50/3.5 (be sure to pick the rangefinder version for the latter).

The former has non-rotating front, f/2.8, great contrast, but may suffer from flare. The latter is flare resistant, has smoother controls, though the front rotates and it's only f/3.5.

Jupiter 8 50/2.0 should be good too, but expect higher price.

The legendary Jupiter 9 85/2.0 is only recently replaced by bulky 85/1.5; irrelevant for NEX. If you want Jupiter 9 (~130-150 $), avoid rangefinder versions - they have worse min-focus-distance, and you anyway cannot gain small size with this focal length. Go for M42 or M39 SLR version and use larger adapter; they sum-up to the same length in the end of the day.

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