What would you charge?

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Re: What would you charge?

Some things to consider

1 - I'd have to take time off from my day job.  Let's say that's $100/hour to cover my salary and benefits

2 - I'd have to take time away from my wife, kids and granddaughter...which is priceless

3 - I'd have to plan, organize, prepare workflow paperwork, travel plans, solve on location problems wherever they want you to setup and shoot (unless you have a portable studio in a trailer), shoot, keep organized, travel, post process, return to some locations or stay extra days in some locations to get the absences, make backups, do followup...and maybe rent gear if you don;t already have backups for all of your kit.

4 - What PRODUCT will the agency receive?  Will you have the opportunity to MARKET the images to the individuals for their personal purchase too?  This can be lucrative.

I could start with a day rate of at least $500+/day.. could be $1000/day, if you're looking for an easy starting point.  With organization, you can shoot 10-20 heads per hour.  lets say 12 (6 min each) times 6 hours per day = 72 per day. more at some, less at other locations.  500 heads is a lot of work, even with adults who follow direction.  This project can easily consume 2-3 weeks, yes, possibly 3 weeks when you add up all the time involved.

15 days x $500/day is only $15/headshot - are you worth $15/head?  It isn't all that much after you pay taxes.  Think about what your DAY rate should be to cover all expenses and your compensation, and ask for what's right.  Any sales to the individuals is just $$ for your vacation or retirement funding...you'll need it.

$1000 or more as a "day rate" is more appropriate.  Even the photog who is the contracted photog to shoot the 14 day State Fair has a $1000 day rate, and that's just doing PR shots and awards ceremonies.  Multi day projects may get some discount since there's no down time.

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