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Re: Not a constructive post.

Stacey_K wrote:

coudet wrote:

You say don't need that resolution and that is ok, but you should not assume that applies to everyone.

I would say it applies to most users. Very few people make prints larger than 11X14. At that size from a D7000 file you are still at 300 pixels/inch. At a normal viewing distance any resolution over that is simply not visible and I'm not sure with a loupe it would be visible.The difference between 240 pixels/inch and 300 is almost impossible to see on any printing I have had done.

What I see people doing here is looking at 100% crops on a low resolution monitor which would = viewing a 2X3 foot plus image from inches away and proclaiming "OMG it's amazing the difference!". You made the comment "In a 240X320 thumbnail image you wouldn't see it" which was an absurd statement. What this article and I both agree on in "real world use", most people will never see the difference is this increased resolution on the final product, which for most people is a viewable size whole image.

Obviously if you have issues with AF etc, the D7100 would be something to look at. Maybe if your goal was to make wall size prints, it might be a choice to consider but honestly if that was my goal, I would spend the extra bucks and go full frame/D800. For most users buying better glass, some improved software or a better flash system etc would make much more of an improvement over upgrading from a D7000 to a D7100.

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Very well said.

It's great to get an actual 'photographer' perspective on these gear assessment threads.

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