umbrella or softbox for travelling?

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Re: umbrella or softbox for travelling?

Clueless, you've made a very poor assumption, I'm afraid. I'm glad that  you've figured out how to fold your Ezyboxes and feel the need to evangelize this fact, but my ezyboxes are the first generation (they only came in one size at that time), and are too small to fold further (I have a studio full of Lastolite kit, I'm well aware of how to fold it). My mistake in not making that clear to OP (apologies, OP).

I find the double-fold westcott brollies to be poorly made (I have 2): every time I fold them, the tips come off the spars, it's a huge pain to have to put them back on again every time. I'm curious, do you have this issue yourself? I like their compact size, but I would not buy again.


Clueless Wanderer wrote:

I travelled with 2 double fold westcott brolly's, 2 x
 and the same Ezy box.

Your remarks about the Ezybox has me telling you: LEARN HOW TO FOLD THE EZYBOX!!
FYI the Ezybox can fold REAL small and used to come with a small bag. People couldn't fold it properly and lastolite was bombarded with complaints, so they just issued it with a bigger bag.. 
Google it and Im sure you will find instructions or on youtube... The Ezy box is the perfect travellers soft box (for its opened size) 
If I remember off the top of my head, I think you close it down so you have an inverted triangle in front of you as you would to put it in its bag, then get the two points that make up the widest part of the triangle in each hand, start to bring them together like closing a book and halfway through this twist the corners intowards you, allowing them to twist and fold in on each other. Its a bit nerve wracking at first but persevere..

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