Office printer: laser or inkjet AIO, help please – what options?

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Re: I am now prompted to do a search but does anyone ....

Zone8 wrote:

... have any updated info on the printers that were announced - and were real - about 4 years or so ago that had no moving heads, tons of nozzles right across the paper width and in depth/width too and could print rapidly?  If anyone has the info - please update us - meanwhile I shall try and remember the name.

Update - did a search and is based on the "Oz" (meaning Down Under, Cobber!) Memjet technology.  Here's an info link:,2817,2106625,00.asp but has anyone any updated info as well?

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Lenovo and another company have one model based on Memjet technology. For one reason or another they made no impact in the office market so far, my paper supplier in The Netherlands had it prominent in the catalog but not anymore. Dye ink only but on the other hand 1.5 picoliter droplets where the HP models do not get smaller than 6 picoliter. In the label industry the Memjet page wide heads seem to get better ground, several manufacturers use this technology. About a year ago Canon (Océ) showed a prototype wide format with several Memjet heads coupled next to one another.

Hugowolf made a wise decision I think to get the maintenance contract, the head assembly is not user replaceable and most likely forms 90% of the total price of the printer. It would be interesting to read his experience with the machine later on in this forum.

HP is not new to page wide inket head assemblies; the Edgeline series, the 36¨ and wider roll to roll,  dual sided, industrial inkjet printers and the dry minilab model that did not do well on the market. Dye and pigment ink models.

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