Best type of light for portaiture?

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Re: Best type of light for portaiture?

Barrie Davis wrote:

TristatePhoto wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

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I just don't agree that for portrait photography speedlites don't have a place as me and plenty of other photographers use them as tools for shooting portraiture.

Here's a photo taken in broad day light where I overpowered the sun with a $70 flash.

Is that your idea of "overpowering the sun?" Are you kidding me?

And do you REALLY think this is the kind of photograph the Original Poster is "aspiring" to?

(I'd like to think the lady is aiming a good deal higher than that.)

I was maxed out on my shutter sync speed and aperture.

That is over powering the sun. It was not night was pure daylight when that photo was taken.

I appreciate that the shot was taken in daylight. That doesn't mean it is a success as a shot.

And do bear in mind that it isn't enough to say "it's what you wanted."

If you want to overpower the daylight even more go find some shade and you can make the ambient purely black.

Also I'm not sure what style of photography the OP is going for.

I was trying something low key and moody/horror like not the typical boring fashion/glamour shot.

I agree with you that it is horrific.

Thank you I was going for a horror/dramatic look. You're just a hater admit up to it :).

I can do everything that you can do with $70 flashes where you need to spend $1,000's on studio strobes :D.

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