Best type of light for portaiture?

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Re: Best type of light for portraiture?

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That is over powering the sun. It was not night was pure daylight when that photo was taken.

If you want to overpower the daylight even more go find some shade and you can make the ambient purely black.

Also I'm not sure what style of photography the OP is going for.

I was trying something low key and moody/horror like not the typical boring fashion/glamour shot.

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I'm going for glamor/fashion shots as well as conceptual images, which could be moody or macabre depending on the concept. I want to be able to cover a wide range of moods so whatever equipment I end up with needs to be versatile.

Here are the results from the first time I shot fashion shots using a $70 high powered speed lite and an umbrella.

Hmmm... shadows seem rather harsh for umbrella lighting.... (???)

Being super critical, it is somewhat unfortunate that the shadow extends across the upper lip, in the first one. The light is too high, or the chin is too low (effectively the same thing)

This is the kind of thing that the modelling light allows one to pick up, PRIOR to the shot being taken. Posing is done in real time, so you can ask her to lift her chin by JUST the right amount to clear the shadow problem, and THEN shoot.

In the other shot, you have the other problem. I think your light is too low...

....  but hey, that's just my opinion.  (shrugs)

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

Shadows are not harsh....might want to recheck the photos. I was using the umbrellas as bounce (reflective) which will result in more contrasty lighting but like I said I expected for you to come a long and say "this is wrong" or "this doesn't look right" as to try to make a point.

You also might want to check out my more recent photos taken with a softbox as like I said those were my first time photos that I'm very proud of lighting wise and everything else wise.

Both shots have basic loop lighting there are hardly any shadows on my subject.

Also there's no such thing as a perfect photo lighting wise or not. Me and others are very pleased with both photos you're just nit picking (as you already mentioned).

Sure someone can blow $1,000 on studio strobes but their photos still won't come out perfect with perfect lighting or otherwise.

You'd also probably consider one of the latest Times cover photos a failure as well (the one with Gates, Bonnie, Gates Wife) as failure as well due to the nose shadows and "harsh shadows" :-D.

Nice photos I see you posted in here as well ;-).

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