Help me decide between the 135L and the 70-300L IS for a 6D

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Re: Help me decide between the 135L and the 70-300L IS for a 6D

Jay A wrote:

So lets look at this. The OP is asking for suggestions on whether to go with the 70-300L or to go with the 135 F2L. This tells me he is torn between having a lens with more reach than he currently has (70-200) or one which has F2 and is a much sharper lens (135 F2L). He already has a 70-200 F4 which is one of the best zooms made, so it boils down to going with something that gets him 300mm, or going with something that gets him the F2 and added sharpness. I suggested that unless he NEEDS 300mm, since he already has the 70-200, the 135 makes sense. If he DOES need 300mm then that should be the choice.

With all due respect, I am not sure where suggesting a 70-200 F2.8 Sigma fits at all. I also don't quite get why so many people post questions asking for advice on which Canon (or Nikon for that matter) lens to get, only to be greeted by people suggesting Sigma. Now granted Sigma is making some very good optics nowadays, but it almost seems as though someone or a group of someones are looking at these threads, jumping in and suggesting Sigma for everything and anything, trying to sway people towards Sigma and away from what they have asked about to begin with. Again, don't get me wrong. Sigma is making some of the best stuff they have ever made. But, there is nothing that Sigma (or Tokina, or Tamron) manufactures that even comes close to what the 70-200 or 135 Canons have to offer. By the way, that $1000 one trick pony happens to be one of the best lenses made and is a bargain at $1000.

TristatePhoto wrote:

Jay A wrote:

Unless you really need 300mm I am not sure why you would get rid of your 70-200F4. The 70-300L is a great lens but the 70-200 is just as good if not better. For that matter, if you need 300, I am not sure why you would consider the 135 instead of it as well.

The 135 is one of the sharpest lenses Canon makes. The 70-300 gives you a lot more flexibility. Do you need those extra focal lengths or not. If you do but go with the 135, you will end up buying another zoom at some point as well.

If I had the 70-200 and needed an ultra sharp F2 lens, I would keep it and buy the 135.

I don't know $1,000 for a lens that is a one trick pony seems kind of crazy. I'd just suggest that he gets the Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS and a 2X TC for when he needs 300-400mm.

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Sharpness should be the least concern for most photographers. Getting the photo is at the top of the priority list. The 135F2 lacks IS it's going to be pretty darn hard to get "sharp" photos out of it unless you're using flash as your main or using very high shutter speeds and machine gunning the shutter.

I suggested the Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS because it offers the most bang for the buck.

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