Calling RuthC (or: Why allow multiple entries to challenges?)

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Re: Calling RuthC (or: Why allow multiple entries to challenges?)

Hi merops,

Thank you for your question about the number of entires I allow in my challenges.

First, I found that the 100 limit seems to cater for most members. I'll NEVER exceed 100, as I agree that trying to vote for 200+ entries is near impossible, and so members 'cherry-pick' the entries from thumbnails. This isn't fair to any of the entrants, IMO. 100 limit allows for most time zones in the world, giving members the opportunity to enter.

With regard to my allowing two entries per member, that has depended on the subject of the challenge. Some of my challenges have a popular theme, for example 'Bees' or 'Jigsaw Puzzles' so I allow only one entry per member, (with the 'No previous challenge entry allowed' clause).

Other themes are more specialised, such as 'Weird Bizarre Insects' or 'Carnivorous Plants' and I wouldn't expect world-wide popularity in these, so I encourage members to enter two shots. I've found that there would only be about 20% of entrants who put two photos in, so there is usually space for others.

I hope this answers your questions. Ruth

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