How to tell if I got a good copy of 18-55mm lens?

Started Apr 20, 2013 | Questions thread
cptrios Senior Member • Posts: 1,352
Re: How to tell if I got a good copy of 18-55mm lens?

I would do magazine page/board/generic other closeup flat subject tests and outdoor deep/distant scene tests. It's tough to get a good read on a lens from close-range flat field stuff without a very tightly-controlled setup, considering that even the slightest off-kilter angle on either the camera or the subject can make things look decentered thanks to the narrow DoF.

Also...keep in mind that "sample variation" is a semi-myth. Sure, there are QC issues at every photo equipment company, and there certainly is sample variation - but it isn't nearly as big a problem as it seems when you're scouring internet forums. Even with really poor QC, 8 out of 10 lenses will be totally fine. And despite what some people say, there are no magically great copies of the 18-55 that are sharp corner-to-corner at all FLs and f-stops. It's an average-quality kit lens...neither horrible nor excellent.

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