Poor Lightroom 4.4 performance when laptop connected to an external monitor

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Re: Poor Lightroom 4.4 performance when laptop connected to an external monitor

hstubc wrote:

I have recently purchased an external monitor to be able to view my photos at a higher resolution (1920*1080). However, Lightroom performance is extremely bad and the sliders are laggy when I just use the monitor that I have bought. Doing the same task on my laptop monitor takes much less time and runs perfectly smooth (the resolution of the laptop is 1366*768).

Is this an issue with Lightroom 4.4 or is it my because my laptop is not fast enough?

All of the above, combined.

The LR 4 rendering engine is something of a resource hog.

The high resolution monitor means it has to do a lot more work (almost double if you do the math).

Laptops are usually a tad slower that their desktop equivalents because of design compromises made to conserve battery.

There are no easy fixes. You could try the LR5 beta which is claimed to have better performance. It did seem that way to me after about 10 minutes actual use. But that's not a deeply held conviction

You could also...

1. Have dinner while LR generates 1:1 previews during the import. That can help.

2. Import with no noise reduction, sharpening, or lens corrections. With those off, performance is quite a bit better. Apply those settings at the very end of your workflow and let the thing grind away on the final rendering and export.

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