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Re: What applications do you plan to run?

Does the $2500-3000 include monitors, and if so, how many, and what size? This will make a large difference to your optimal build.

Of the applications you list, if you want to do gaming on a 27" 1440P screen, or a triple 24" solution you will need SLI graphics (this means two matching graphics cards - I recommend nVidia based ones, at least 660's, but if you have the cash 670's or 680's). The benefit of the X79, and X39xx CPU series is that this is the only platfrom that can provide a full 16 lane PCI bus to the CPU for each of two cards, and for high end SLI gaming the PCIe bandwidth between the CPU and graphics cards becomes increasingly important as you increase the resolution (or number of monitors, and thus total resolution).

For video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (part of the Master Collection) the 6C/12T CPU's will make a very large difference, it's not just that you can actually edit faster, but it's that you can do things you simply can't do on the Core i7 mainstream 4C/8T. Specifically, if you are editing 4K video, and you want to preveiw the footage at 50% resolution (i.e. fill a 1080P screen) you'll need a 6C 3930, if you only have 4C you can only run the video at 25% resolution, which is a quarter of a 1080P screen's area, and frankly that's rather sub optimal - although it's all you'd want if you only have one monitor as you need to be able to see the tools - so take that into account.

Anyway, even including monitors here's what I would suggest:

2 Dell U2412M monitors  $300 each

X79 based motherboard $250

Core i7 3930 CPU $550

Intel Watercooler, it's by Astek, $90

Intel 520 SSD, 240GB - it's about $240

3TB Seagate HDD $200

850W PSU $100

Nvidia 670 Graphics card  $400 (one is plenty for video editing, and single monitor gaming, you'll need two if you go to a 27" 1440P monitor, or with triple monitor gaming)

32GB memory  $200 - buy 4*8GB sticks, so if you need to go to 64GB you can add another 32 later

Case $100

Blu Ray Burner $70

Hardware cost: $2800 including monitors, cost and or taxes may be different where you live, so that's a bit of an estimate.


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