What's the best GH2 hack for MOTION JPEG?

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Re: I Recommennd FlowMotion 2.02

xi5 wrote:

saywhathomie wrote:

Okay! Flowmotion seems interesting!

Are they any others or is that the best one out right now?

There's Sanity 5.1 - but it doesn't go nearly as high in bit rate as Flow Motion (mid-30mbps to mid-40mbps, whereas Flow Motion can go up to 100mbps):


Is there a reason you want to go with MPEG? I don't think MPEG will "span", meaning continuously shoot long events, if that's what you want to do(?)

Keep in mind, with any of these hacks you need a decent card; Class 10 30MB/s for Flow Motion or Sanity (fyi apparently there's an issue with the 45MB/s Sandisk cards).

There are also more extreme hacks like Apocalypse and Sedna - high bitrates, but requires a Sandisk 64GB Class 10 95MB/s card. DVXuser is a better resource for GH2 hacks than here.

With any of these hacks, make sure you follow instructions closely (tutorials available through search or YouTube). During the firmware update, you shouldn't touch any controls and auto LCD/EVF settings need to be taken off of auto - interfering with the update could brick the camera.

Wait wait, you mean to tell me if I install these hacks, I may never be able to use my camera again?

Jesus Christ, I didn't know that. That's terrifying.

Is there a way to reverse the damage or go back to a previous firmware?

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