Which is more economical on inks? Epson/Canon

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Re: Which is more economical on inks? Epson/Canon

bravozulu wrote:

Let me shift the question slightly. Say I want to print black & white images primarily. Both the Epson and Canon have multiple black and grey ink tanks. I understand that you can replace one or two of the color cartridges with additional greys to get even better tonal rendition.

The R2000 does not have multiple blacks except for PK and MK which does not constitute multiple blacks as may be thought of on K3 ink systems.

How are you going to replace colored inks on the R2000 with grays? Only the CONE Piezography all black system will allow you to do that and you would have to replace ALL 8 colors with 7 blacks and grays and GLOP and them use a RIP to be able to linearize your tones.  Once you go that route, your printer will be dedicated to B&W and only B&W.

Now believe it or not, the R2000 by itself, with good ICC profiles does actually produce some very good B&W prints. SO there is not need to try to convert it to a multi black system.

Does that still tilt the cost balance in favor of Epson? And would the per-print cost be about the same as for color images?


The Canon PRO-10 actually does have a black ink set for B&W printing.

If you go with the Canon, you are pretty much stuck to OEM as there is no reliable 3rd party ink system for it yet.

The R2000 uses OEM ink that is at this writing still available on ebay for about $30 a full set.


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