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Re: Memory Voltage

Bob, my understanding is that the memory voltage can be safely raised to 1.65V (most motherboards support even higher voltages).  However, 1.5V memory is preferred for two reasons (in my opinion).  The lower voltage results in slightly lower power and heat.  It also gives more "headroom" to get better timings by raising the memory voltage, much like raising Vcore lets you overclock a CPU to a higher frequency.

Some manufacturers (I believe) take slower RAM and call it faster RAM by speccing it at a higher voltage (1.65 vs 1.5).  For example, some RAM that is rated at 1333 @1.5V might be usable at 1600 @1.65V.  If you want to run the RAM at 1600, it would be preferable to get RAM that is rated at 1600 @1.5V.  If for some reason it's a little unstable at that speed, you have room to try raising the RAM voltage a little to see if it makes it stable.

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