iPad mini as RAW backup

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Re: There ain't no space and time

DeePeeBee wrote:

I thought I had the answer on my last trip by dowloading from my 5D Mark III via the camera connector directly to my iPad mini and then dowloading from the iPad to a Seagate Wireless Plus hard drives (I would have bought a second one for redundant backup). But then I ran into a blank wall when I looked for the "delete all" button on the iPad and found that the only way to make room for the next download is to manually swipe each and every one of the photos on the iPad.

You can use a two-finger swipe across all the images to select them a bit more quickly for deletion (after tapping the edit button you need too hold down two fingers for a brief moment and then slide them over all your images, you should start with putting both fingers on the same image when starting otherwise the first one won't be selected). But you still need to slide over all images which can take a bit if you have a lot of images.

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