How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

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Re: How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

It's not..

To elaborate - if you like it then it works. If other people like it then it works for them too.

What people call "rules" are just guidelines for people to make bog-standard general appeal images.
But it's a known fact that the images that "break the rules" are often better than the billion images that tick all the boxes on the rules.

I think the "rules" are nothing more than a thousand "how to" photography books for the cam-noobs **, and somehow they've been globally accepted as the defining photography rules..

(** and there's nothing wrong with that, people new to photography need some defining guidlines to work within, to get their bearings..)

The interesting thing is that a lot of painters don't even know the "rules" - they just paint what they see with a little interpretation and emotion added in.

We have a rather lovely lake scene with a small rowboat middle bottom of the painting - it breaks all the photo "rules", but is a beautiful image... it would still be lovely as a photo.

We have another, an oil painting, it's breaks "rule of thirds" and "Fibonacci curve" and still looks fabulous..

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