X100s Q button not programable

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Re: X100s Q button not programable

I agree.  Plus the majority of choices in the Q button menu are for jpegs users only.  The only real thing I find useful with the Q button so far is to be able to quickly change through your different custom presets.

btw, the symbol (when holding down the Q button) represents the bright daylight screen mode; hold it down and the screen goes to bright mode.

I also do what the previous poster does: use the fn for ND and just use auto ISO. ISO is actually an okay compromise to a dedicated ISO button, although I wish there were more shutter speed options available.

There are some good improvements over the X100.  The X100/100S is conceptually an interesting camera but it's somewhat flawed in its execution.  If Fuji sees the X100 series as an evolutionary series (which I think they do), then eventually we'll find close to perfection with some future version.  I'm glad that (so far) they are sticking to the concept and are making evolutionary changes instead of a whole new version of the idea.

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