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Re: There is no longer a competitive "do it all" pro DX camera

mlewan wrote:

WD wrote:

Why invest the resources to produce APS-C lenses you describe for a camera design in decline, the "pro" style DX dSLR.  Most DX cameras are sold to amateurs, not to be degrading, who will not want, use, or purchase these lenses.  The trend today is to FF by those who need/want these features.

The market may not be huge, but surely DX lenses have the big advantage that they are lighter than FX lenses. A 70mm light DX prime to match the 105mm FX could be welcome to some people.

Agree.  Which is my argument for mirrorless DX.  The camera and lenses are even lighter than those for DX dSLR.  (And, with the adapter, any existing lenses you own will still work automatically with the mirrorless camera, ala V1/V2/J1/J2/J3.)  Nikon has had more than a dozen years to produce the lens you wish for.  On the verge of new technology, I wonder if Nikon will  produce that lens NOW?  There are, after all, lenses available from Sigma/Tamron et al for those who really need the focal length.


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