Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

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Re: Cameralabs D7100 review up: verdict...

mosswings wrote:

In day to day shooting, the D7100 and D7000 and D5200 perform basically the same.  Noise is very similiar, the D7000 might have a bit of advantage at 100% at higher ISOs. Resolution wise, the AA filter appears to make no difference, echoing what DPR has said.  In tightly controlled studio shots we have seen differences, but that is not how people usually shoot. For the typical use case, one could argue that the removal of the AA filter is essentially a marketing feature.

Again, the old rule holds: skip a generation.  D80 shooters will definitely see an improvement; D90 shooters, less so but still; D7000 shooters, not so much.  The buy decision needs to be made on more subtle IQ metrics and operational features like AF, viewfinder, ergonomy.

Weighed against this must be the acquisition cost of memory cards and increased post processing time for maximal quality.

I have read all post in this thread,and I must say.I see almost no difference between D3200

D5100 D7000 D7100 picture wise.

Coursers If I had the money I buy the D7100 not because it will take better pictures.

but for there ergonomic differences.

As usual higher pixel counts give more flaws not only in SLR camera,s but also in compacts.

The difference in sharpness make simple no difference at all.

you can sharpen in camera or with software.

So  basic what count is the camera performance and the extra buttons you have.

A better camera is better but won,t take any pictures by it self.

And to be honest I did not see many pictures here that proof otherwise.

Most of the people here are raving about the D7100 super fast focus,but where are the pictures.

( Seeing is believing) end quote

I have D70s D90 D3200 the cameras are not all that difference.

And it is a good thing.

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