Extrapolating Nikon 1.5yr old resolution and 4.4yr old fps & buffer..

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Re: Extrapolating Nikon 1.5yr old resolution and 4.4yr old fps & buffer..

krikman wrote:

Rather than "Pro" CX, why not "Pro" V-DX with new compact, fast lenses designed for mirrorless and an adapter for all existing Nikon lenses.  There is nothing, other than the viewfinder that a mirror in a dSLR provides which cannot ultimately be equaled or bettered by mirrorless technology and so much that a mirrored dSLR cannot hope to provide.
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First time reading this sentence I'm feel of deja vu.

Yes I heard and read this 30-40 years ago:

"There is nothing in gasoline car that cannot be equaled or bettered by ecologic non-toxic cheap electro-car. All technologies are on hand, and only evil petroleum company denied these innovations and hide them from progressive humanity."

Sorry for such a sarcasm. Buth why don't you just buy D800 and use it in DX live-view mode? All technologies is here.

Why should I buy a 3/4 ton 454 cu. in. pickup truck with am-fm to haul my golf clubs around, instead of a turbo-charged 4-door HB with bluetooth, XM, GPS, 4-wheel drive, 6-spd auto trans, heated seats, and satellite radio??  (OK, bad analogy! Just an attempt at humor. :-))

Don't get me wrong.  The D800 is a great camera and records fantastic images.  But, it's currently the best "old school" dSLR technology.  Just as iPhones have changed computer and phone tech, new generations of mirrorless cameras will displace dSLRs FOR MANY (NOT ALL) camera users. Sensor design is at the point of diminishing returns, just as computer quad-core CPU's have reached the point of....who needs even this much??  Now, smaller & lighter bodies, more compact lenses, faster, silent operation,  higher fps, better video along with lower overall cost will provide more bang-for-the-buck and a greater, expanding market for camera mfrs.

I've referred to the Nikon V1 in other posts.  It's a camera many have flamed.  I've had at least 6 small compacts in addition to my Nikon & Pentax SLRs, Kowa and Yashica 2-1/4s. I purchased one just to see what it was about, not expecting much.  I intended to try one of the first Oly EM-5s but tired of waiting over two months because of the early demand and canceled.  I didn't care for the SONY NEX controls & menu setup.  So, on a whim I bought the V1 when it was on blowout last Christmas.  I was so surprised and impressed by what this little camera can do, especially it's focusing ability, AWB and exposure accuracy, that it's totally changed my focus as to future camera technology. (Pardon my pun.)  I then went out and bought the whole kit.  It may sound like an exaggeration, but for much of what i do, the V1 does the job as well or better than the D300 (which I still own and use....much less often!)

The vast majority of Nikon owners have never seen, touched, let alone used/played with a V1 or V2.  This 1" sensor camera isn't a replacement for any DX/FX dSLR for anyone who really needs the output of the large sensor, the superior ISO/DR, the AF tracking ability, viewfinder or professional equipment, including flash, that Nikon is famous for.  (However, it is a fantastic addition to ones kit!)  But if you do, you'll appreciate what Nikon has been working on and lust after what they could be getting ready to introduce!!  It could soon be a whole new ballgame.

Best regards to all,

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