Chrome and muted colors, profile problems

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Or, maybe it's the only one displaying correctly. ;-)

Arn wrote:

Google chrome seems to have serious trouble showing colors the right way (Win 7), even though I convert the profile properly to sRGB. The colors (reds) will appear less saturated in Chrome, muted. The colors are shown correctly in every other program and Internet explorer. I can find no setting or fix to correct this Chrome problem. What's up with this? Frustrating...

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What display (brand/model) are you using now?

What version of Chrome are you using (look at help>about chrome), and what other apps have you used to display the same image (internet explorer version, image editing apps you've tried, etc.)?

Chrome 22 and later should support color management OK.

Internet Explorer is a bit different.  IE 9 "sort of" supports color management, as it tries to use the embedded profiles and convert the images to work properly with an standard gamut display.

The latest versions of Firefox also support color management to some extent (with version 2 ICC profiles being desired for best results with your display).

Safari is also pretty good with color management (but, that's not the case with most browsers).

If you've got a Wide Gamut display, the colors are probably going to be over saturated with newer versions of IE, as it only supports "half" of the color management equation, and doesn't "play well" with wide gamut displays from reports I've seen.  So, I wouldn't just how an image looks to others via how it appears in IE, especially if you have a wide gamut display.

Many other image viewers used in Windows don't support color management at all.  Heck, even the Windows desktop will ignore embedded profiles,etc.   So, you may see horrible color using many apps.

Windows is not exactly the "poster child" for color management, as many Windows apps are not color managed, and that even includes the Windows desktop itself.

I'd give more information on your setup, including the exact brand/model of display you're using; along with the exact browsers and image viewers you've tried (with specific version numbers) for better informed responses.

I'd also include a link to a sample image you're seeing a problem with.  That way, we can see the type of profile you embedded, etc.

IOW, it wouldn't surprise me that Chrome is the only app you're using that's displaying the image properly, depending on your setup (display type, browser versions, etc.) and if you adjust the image so that you see it correctly in a non-color managed app; it may look dull and muted for everyone else viewing it; especially if you have a wide gamut display and are trying to view the image in viewers that are not fully color managed.

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