"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: "Mirrorless" is the future???

dinoSnake wrote:

Over the long term of course the optical view image SLR is doomed to the history books, at least in terms of majority of market and user share.

It is foolish to think otherwise.  How many people were still using TLR's before digital?  How large was the (35mm) optical rangefinder market before digital?

With digital the 'advantage' of optical SLR become moot.  Once the factor of a few more years of development on the EVF is factored in, there is absolutely no sense in constructing a complex, expensive mechanism in order to view what is coming through the lens...when the sensor is doing that anyway.  Live View is the future, please come to accept that.  Why pretend that you are getting WYSIWYG viewing on optical (because that what it is, pretend - can you preview final on-sensor exposure? true depth of field? how many DSLR's show 100% FOV?) when EVF can truly accomplish all that, and more?

Will it happen soon?  Probably not.  Why?  Because many people simply don't wish to accept the fact that both Canon and Nikon push their DSLR sales, not for the purpose of absolute advantage, but for the purpose of keeping the majority of amortized manufacturing systems and development technology sill making money.  It is easier to take their previous film designs and adapt to digital via a graft of latest technologies, and therefore also keep their optical designs and current manufacturing technologies on-line, than it is to design, test, implement, manufacture and market an entirely new idea - mirrorless.

That's the fact, folks.  May not wish to look at it, but there it is.

So, when will that mass market changeover to mirrorless happen?  Can't say for sure - that would be like living in the 1930's yet saying that "Sure, in 1959 a Japanese company called Nikon will introduce a camera whose design paradigm will rule the market!"  Future telling is not going to happen.

But the future will come, one day or another.  10 years?  25 years?  50 years?  Who knows!  But the idea that optical SLR technology will continue to rule through the digital era is a fool's paradise.

Completely agree.

In my older posts I have emphasized in film era SLR were the best available technology  because they showed through the lens real view of what film will get.

Digital changed this. Mirror is no longer needed for the task.

New young people will come to ask why the real picture (WYSIWYG)  cannot be seen on an OVF.


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