How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

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Re: How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

The composition works because the converging lines of the shell-like object in the background lead the eye to the bug-man subject, and then the refection the same pattern lead the eye down across the ground.  So it's not a static as a typical bulls-eyed composition, and that's part of the reason it works.

See the original here:

Some have commented about the horizon - one thing photographers (and perfectionists) like to talk about, but sometimes make mistakes with is the horizon.  The background shell figure doesn't necessarily tell us that the "horizon" is skewed down at the right side of the frame as that downward line of the bottom of the seashell-like background could be perspective and converging lines similar to how the floor tiles appear to be converging at some unseen point on the right.   The slight tilt could also mean that one side of the shell-like background is closer to the camera making the "horizon" line appear to go down.

That said, I took the liberty of tilting the frame slightly (.8 CCW in PS), and the subject doesn't appear to be leaning.  It makes the composition more symmetrical, but I'm not sure it improves the the image as it feels a bit more static now in that you don't get the tension created by the "horizon" line and the lines of the floor tiles converging somewhere off in the distance.  Sometimes having things skewed and irregular causes visual tension and adds interest.  You be the judge.

Skewed .8 CCW in Photoshop - Is it improved or not?  I am not so sure....

Anyway, good job.  Rules are more like guides and to use the old cliche, are meant to be broken.

Nice post.  Keep up the good work,

Regards and happy shooting, Markus

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