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Re: What many aren't honest enough to themselves to admit....

Jared Huntr wrote:

Shunda77 wrote:

The simple truth is that unless you have a regular use for the resolution and powerful focus point system, the D7000 and D5100 effectively offer equivalent image quality to the new cameras for a bargain basement price.

It would seem that the prior generation is still very much in the game, and this is nothing but good for enthusiast photographers.

If you base decision making primarily on image quality, then it's hard to justify the extra cost of the new camera bodies compared to the extra glass you could buy along with an older body.

+1 that after all the pixel peeping and academic comparisons of IQ, in the actual image sizes that the owners publish and print their personal pictures for consumption, the incremental IQ offered by the D7100 is virtually non-existent and unecessary.

For those on a budget, or getting a first or second camera mainly for personal use, the D5200 and D7000 offer very good to excellent image quality with the right lenses however.....

When focus speed and AF accuracy for close to 95 to 100 per cent of the time is important and indeed desired, the best choice is the D7100 with its far superior AF system. Older D7000 had some focus issues reported on first release by many (I know that some were first time users to DX), and requires lots of AF tuning, and does not always lock on well in dim light, as some had reported in these posts (also some D600 users, reported sometimes inconsistent AF focus performance in very dim light as well as it has lower spec AF system). It makes the newer AF system of D7100 (like the higher end FF cameras - D700, D800, D4) worth the extra price. Note though: to those that really want it! Casual users may not care (savings are more important) and other models are sufficient.

In good light or moderate light and perhaps dim light, one can get by with D5200 or D7000, with great results, just not as consistently (especially in dim low light) as with the newer D7100 and better AF system.

It would however, be nice to have a fully rotating screen in a D400 or high end model of the future (nice feature on D5200 for video).

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