First attempt at photo stacking

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Re: First attempt at photo stacking

Tommy tek wrote:

Thanks Kevin.

Some of the noise may be from my post processing after the image came out of Zerene stacker. I also did not have a lot of light to work with. I checked out your gallery and I am truly impressed. I need to move up to a camera with a better sensor. I will stay with the Sony line though. I don't want to change all my lenses and accessories for a different brand. Your comments are exactly the type of response I was looking for. What do you mean by selective lighting? I did add some fill light, because the shadows were really dark in the original. I am using Photoshop Elements it may not have all of the tools you use.

Thanks again


Selective light in today's digital realm or dodge n burn in the old film era.

There are different ways to achieve this via brush-layers in Photoshop....or the best way with Capture NX2...using the colour control points and selection tools.

Fill light (or D-Lighting adjustments) are of course necessary to balance the luminosity across the frame.

However, with flowers or any still-life image for that matter...we need to add "selective" lighting to various areas/regions of the order to bring out the shadows and expose detail, balance luminosity, etc.

As a studio still-life shooter...I couldn't do without this editing functionality.

Even IF you don't shoot Nikon and use NEF files I would highly recommend getting that programme for editing TIFF's. The U-Point technology that Nik uses is extremely good.

The Viveza 2 plugin in for PS Elements also has the 'colour control points' which you can use for selective lighting....but it does not have the "selection" in CNX2.


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