Why is the US so divided, ultra right V moderate left?

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William Carson
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Re: Why is the US so divided, ultra right V moderate left?

Gavin 11 wrote:

This forum is totally dominated by very right wing Neo-con and the Liberal left Americans,, with some European and other states commenting and joining in , whatever subject is brought up, it immediately turns into a bun fight, is American that divided?

It is an unfortunate thing that this potentially useful forum that could be a place for many types of wide ranging discussions has become infested and taken over by thoughtless (you call them 'neocons' and 'right wingers') loud mouths. I have chosen to not even bother any longer - today was an exception- to check on the discussion topics. It is always the same.  And now Dick Chaney is to represent the US at the funeral of Margret Thatcher. I am sick in heart. It is not 'American' issues. Thatcher would give that war-criminal a thumb in his eye as he looks at her if she could. It is not a matter of debate. Why? Because Americans like any lazy pampered nation of sheep has forgotten the principals that it is founded on.


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