Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Re: add me to the pile

good then... do you have a link from Nikon (for my reference). Other than forum rumblings and blog sites I haven't seen anything concrete.

July is my go/no go decision as I would love to upgrade my camera for a summer trip, if I miss that then I have no rush. The D600 appears excellent for all my other needs (size and weight is nearly a D7xxx and the DR/High ISO is as good as it gets today at that price point). I am not heavily invested in a Nikon System (mainly scraps and kit lenses), but I am also not interested in the other options for price/performance, I just want to know the quality is there and it makes me nervous.

My problem is that a couple of colleagues have D600 recently and both almost immediately showed spots in the upper right corner of the frame just as the OP posted in a matter of days. If the problem was acknowledged I would expect a list of serials affected and either a plan to fix or some guarantee that a fix will be applied once fix is known.

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