Why magnesium alloy????

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Want a big, round camera?

Me neither.

sandy b wrote:

Football helmets, motorcycle helmets, car body parts, M16 stock/receiver. None of them have magnesium.

None of them are a camera. Football and motorcycle helmets are basically spherical: which means that an impact is entirely a compression load, so polycarbonate works well. Car body parts are either bolted to a subframe to handle tension loading, or used as part of a composite material. M16 stocks are glass composites, which suites their simple shapes, and they experience mostly compression loads, and the composite is adequate for the tension.

Plastics have many advantage over metal.

And name disadvantages. Lower modulus of elasticity, ready plastic deformation, low operating temperature limits, very low shear strength (which complicates the use of threaded fasteners).

Thermodynamically more stable.

Thermodynamics is the science of heat flow and transfer. I don't know what you meant to say, but that's not it,

Light, strong and they have give. Tooling and material expenses drastically lower.

Really? A plastic part that can't release from a mold for 4 minutes after casting is "drastically lower" tooling cost than a metal part that can release in 12 seconds? You need 10 times as many machines to keep a molded plastic line running as cast magnesium.

Carbon fiber would be even better, but that's another subject.

Indeed. A tension composite used for a comples shape where you can't tension the fibers is another subject. I believe the subject is "science fiction". (Or maybe "thermodynamics").

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