Which is more economical on inks? Epson/Canon

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Re: Which is more economical on inks? Epson/Canon

bravozulu wrote:

Someone else asked what the relative cost was for a home printer versus going to a digital print shop. The rep said a home printer cost (per print) was about 25% that of a pro shop print.

Does that square up with your experience?

My experience is that small prints cost more when printed at home but large prints cost less.

Adorama Pix is a good quality reputable outfit. They currently have 11x14 prints on sale for $2.00. Their regular cost for 11x14 is $3.99.

Note that the Red River costs are just for ink.  Paper costs are easy to determine, and therefore don't need any testing.

Looking at Red River's costs for 11x14, you'll see a range from 50 cents per sheet to over $2 per sheet.

At 50 cents, the ink cost is an important part of the overall print cost. With $2 paper, the ink cost difference is less important.

The only time I would expect to make a print at 25% of the cost of having it done would be for a very large print, and using a printer that has large ink tanks for a lower ink cost.

For example, my tests for 2 printers I have, and one I used to have show these ink costs for an 11x14 print:

R2400: $1.76  (Red River reports $1.75)

3880:  $1.07

7900:  $0.68

These are based on ink purchased from Atlex. Retail Epson ink prices are higher.


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