Poor Lightroom 4.4 performance when laptop connected to an external monitor

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Re: Poor Lightroom 4.4 performance when laptop connected to an external monitor

It is difficult to comment fully when you give us no details other the software version you are using.

What are the specs of your laptop - RAM, CPU, GPU (AMD, Nvidia, or Intel)?

What OS?

How are you connected to the monitor?  VGA, HDMI?

Are you trying to run the laptop and monitor screen at the same time - i.e. Spanning across the two displays, cloning, extending?  or are you using a single display i.e. the external only?


Right off the top I think you could be running into issues between the resolution of the external (1920x1080) and the resolution of the laptop (1368x768) if you are attempting to extend the desktop across the two displays.

Perhaps related on the resolution issue but also a concern due the following, the laptop likely only has a single LUT (Look Up Table) in the video pipeline.  The LUT is used to store information used to correct the color of the display.  In most laptops the laptop screen, VGA port, and HDMI port share this LUT.  So when running both the laptop and external at the same time there is going to be a problem with either the laptop screen or the monitor screen in terms of color and it will likely be the external that is incorrect unless you took steps to ensure the monitors ICC profile is being used.


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