Nikon 24-70 / 2.8 should I go for it ?

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Re: Nikon 24-70 / 2.8 should I go for it ?

I used to have Nikon 24-70/2.8 which I bought Second hand. I did like the sharpness and colors it produced, but didnt like the weight. I paired it with my D700.  Then I Was offered by a friend to tried the famous Nikon 85/1.4G, and I immediately fall in love. I switched my 24-70 plus 85/1.8D with this beast. And I really glad I did. So far my 85 is attached to my D700 almost all the time.

Well offcourse it's up to you to get the 24-70. But in my opinion this lens is rather boring. Moreover, you already have 24-80.

My other lenses, perhaps you might wonder, are Nikon 28-300 for distance shooting, 50/1.4D for normal low light, and 10-24 for wide angle which I paired with D5200. Plus ofcourse, the 18-55 kit coming with D5200.

I find myself explore bokeh more than any other type of photograph.  But its just me. Sorry if this is not answering your question.

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