Best type of light for portaiture?

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Re: Best type of light for portaiture?

Lena Hale wrote:

I've never even heard of the inverse square law, to be honest... Judging by what the others have said, it does sound like this is a setup that only works once the photographer really knows what she's doing, and I'll be the first to admit that I don't yet.

I do appreciate the suggestion anyway, it's something I could keep in mind for the future. Thank you!

Even using studio lights you're going to have to learn how flash works as most modeling lights are very dim from my experience and if you're shooting self portraits how are you going to see where the light is falling?

I worked with a photographer 1 month ago and I asked him about modeling lights while he was shooting photos of my girlfriend and he said he doesn't use them and said they're useless.

I saw what the modeling light looked like when he turned it on and I'd have to agree that it's way too dim.

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