Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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Re: Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

t3htriste wrote:

If you have the D7000 now and you "think" you need a full frame camera, then I'll just say it: unless you need to go really wide or need the low light performance, you will gain nothing from a D600.

Rent some for a couple of days and see how you go. As long as you bought it from a reputable source, at least you'll have warranty cover. Get what you really need but make sure you properly identify that "need."


I agree somewhat with this.  I needed a wider perspective and I already had a couple of FF lenses from film days, so I counted my beans and decided a FF body would work out to cost about the same as purchasing wider lenses for DX.  The D600 was the only FF body offered by Nikon at the time where the cost pretty much balanced either way.

But now with the disappointing issues with the D600 and the costs incurring and smaller performance issues in play (small focusing spread, no AF-ON, no 100% preview, ect) the over all balance has swung the other direction considerabley.

In hind sight I should have stayed with the DX format and just invested in the best w/a that fit my budget.

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