iPhoto dysfunctional - need advice, please

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Re: iPhoto dysfunctional - need advice, please

Sorry to hear about your problems in iphoto. i agree with what many others have said here. Some really good advice. But one of the things nobody has mentioned that they do is use iPhoto for organization and viewing.

I shoot RAW and use Lightroom to organize my photos. I have always shot a lot, but have never been good about deleting the shots that were not "5-stars." But that's a whole other issue altogether.  

Here's the way I use iPhoto (which may not work for you, but something to consider.) so bear with me:

1) I shoot RAW, process in Lightroom for my masters. So when I import my files from my camera, LR creates a library of the RAW files onto hard drive 1. I also make an import backup to hard drive 2 for redundancy. I process and choose which photos are keepers. (copy 1 & 2 of RAW files)

2) I export those photos to a lower resolution (2100 px on the long end—this would give you prints that should hold up ok at 8x10-ish) into a new folder by date as JPGs onto HD1. (copy 1 of JPGs)

3) I import those photos into iPhoto, and let iPhoto do it's thing with organization/location. I believe, by default, iPhoto creates its own folder structure within the User folder. So this makes copy 2 of the JPGs.

Not necessarily easiest, but if—and most likely when—I forget to do backups, I have multiple copies of my photos. I also have the benefit of smaller files that iPhoto needs to manage, which i assume would help it run more efficiently.

I tend to use my LR library for myself, and my wife uses iPhoto to view photos, so it works for both of us.

As others have suggested, I do break up my iPhoto library into smaller chunks. It's easy enough to hold the option key when opening to choose the appropriate library you want to view. I've also created aliases of those libraries so you can directly click them to open. Has worked well so far.

Good luck whichever way you decide to go.

BTW, I'm running an iMac 24" Aluminum (2.4 Core 2 Duo) from 2006-7 with 6GB RAM on 10.6.8 so similar to yours.

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