Which full frame Nikon body is safe to buy?

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Re: or just buy a d4....

You wouldn't go wrong recomsidering the 800e. While I did have some inconsistent focus, the FW update fixed that.  Maybe not quite as good as my D4, but the 800 is not a full on pro body, and it's also not $6000. You will find a dramatic improvement over the D700. I had a D700 prior to my D800 and one since as I thought maybe the difference is not that big, but after a short time I resold that D700 as well.  I just picked up a 300 2.8 and while it is a great lens, especially if you have a sherpa to lug it around, I think you will get the biggest improvement from the D800. DR is my biggest improvement and I personally prefer the D800 color.

I have heard that from a few people.  I have a partner in my photography business who uses a 5DMKII and the newer Canon 24-70 f/2.9 and recently we rented a 5DMKIII.  I was so blown away by the camera and lens combo that part of my reason for waiting is to see if Nikon gets their colours together before next gen or if I should make the switch.  Since I shoot mostly kids and babies the Canon colours really appeal to me.  If I were shooting mostly landscapes and hard subjects I wouldn't be considering jumping ship.

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