Are there any generic inks that truly match OEM?

Started Aug 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
Sherman Mechanic Junior Member • Posts: 32
Re: Are there any generic inks that truly match OEM?

None that I have tried or anybody I know has tried. Usually the colors are off, some times they clog, or worse yet sometimes the generic cartridges sometimes leak and then you can have a real mess on your hands. Especially because of the leakage potential I do not take any risks anymore.

I also have a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 II and also a Canon Pixma IP 4300 which I have had for years  and which also uses CLI-8 cartridges. I have never had a problem with the Canon OEM cartridges even though I think they are outrageously overcharged for but that is why I guess these manufacturers sometimes almost give away their printers or sell them below actual cost.

With the Black and White laser printers I have had (HP and Brother) I use generic toner save a ton of money and I usually get from Amazon and never really have had a problem.

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