Sharper telephoto images?

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Re: Sharper telephoto images?

300mm with f5.6 gives you a pretty thin depth of field. You were using AF-C? and then you were trying to get the camera to track something coming at you.

If the bird was 100 feet away (and I'm guessing it was closer, which would make this shorter):

Nearest Acceptable Sharpness: 96.19 ft

Furthest Acceptable Sharpness: 104.12 ft

Total Depth of Field: 7.93 ft

The bird will probably cover 8 feet in less than a second.  Stopped down to f8, you'll get 11 feet (and the lens will probably sharpen up overall). Stopped down to f16 and you'll get 22 feet, but probably have to push the ISO to high or the shutter speed to slow to get enough light for that.

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