18-200 or 70-300 VR with D7100?

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Re: 18-200 or 70-300 VR with D7100?

nfpotter wrote:

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ajamils1 wrote:

Just a quick update, I picked up D7100 with 70-300 and been taking  pictures around the house. Really like the solid feel and grip of the camera. Also, camera (with 70-300 mounted) is not as big as I had expected, especially compared to my GH3 with 100-300mm mounted.

On the IQ, the story is not that great (so far). Granted, I have only used the slow lens..... I am very disappointed with the amount of noise in the pictures. When compared with GH3 + 100-300 mm (nothing scientific), GH3 seems to be producing a lot cleaner JPGs out of the camera than D7100.

Oh well, I will try it out for few days and if I am still disappointed then I will return it and either get D5200 or just go back to m4/3.

That shouldn't be. If you are shooting JPEG's with the D7100 you get the best results shooting Large Fine JPEG's. If you are getting too much noise try setting the Noise Reduction to High. If they have similar settings the D7100 should have less noise than the GH3.

Good lord.  How can you give advice about noise when you haven't even seen a smaple with EXIF data, to see how the OP is shooting?

I said that with similar settings the D7100 should produce less noise than a GH3. The key words are, "with similar settings".  According to the tests that I've seen, that's true.

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