Lenses for D600 and Southwest Trip

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Re: Lenses for D600 and Southwest Trip

To the OP:

I like your entire second group, although I'd question whether you need the 24 2.8.  Your "astrophotography" would appear to be skyscapes maybe with some landscape feature in foreground or at bottom of your compositions.   You need a tripod so I don't see why you couldn't use the 18-35 or the 24-85.  To me, "astrophotography" means deep-sky photography with Meades, Celestrons, and computer driven mounts.  The 85, while a terrific portrait lens, is just not going to give you a useful swath of sky - not wide enough and not narrow enough.  Anyway, the 24-85 would cover both.

Parenthetically,  you seem to be a person prone to redundancy, perhaps because of indecisiveness. E.g. your 1st group has 24-70 and 24-85, both of which you certainly don't need.  Your 2nd group has the 24 and the 24-85 w/o much speed difference at 24.  I'd suggest you consider your needs for these FL/ranges and make decisions within your lens groups, not just between groups.

Another thing you need to consider is the weight of whatever gear you are taking to the SW.  If you are going to walk or backpack, you need to go with (most of) group 2.  Despite its Holy Trinity status, the 24-70 2.8 is going to burden you.  If you mostly are driving or have backcountry 4WD, maybe you can afford the weight.

Sounds like a great trip, taken by a thoughtful photographer.  Have a terrific time!

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