X20: The Default JPEG Myth

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X20: The Default JPEG Myth

While some posters keep bashing the default JPEG quality of the X20, I would like to prove how much of an exaggeration those claims are. What even irks me are the claims about RAWs which are not only false, but obviously shows how some of the claims prove that they have no experience nor real understanding behind the dynamics or usage of RAW.

Rather than just rant without any substance (talk is cheap, really cheap), I would like to illustrate that the X20's default JPEG, though not up to my standards are not as bad as some would claim.  Full resolution files can be made available for your perusal.

With every new camera, there will be a learning curve involved. The X20, with its rich feature set, took me a good part of a week to get comfortable with it. The images below show that you really don't have to do RAW if you don't want to. But it would be a shame NOT to use this excellent feature, given the fact that you can even take advantage of the non-OLPF sensor and relatively wide DR.

If you want an Idiot-Proof camera that does easy shots and simple controls, simple features, easy everything- obviously this is not your camera. If you want pro features and like many enthusiast-type photographers, push the image envelope, create non-pedestrian impact  then I personally and heartily recommend this camera!

And to the bashers, talk is cheap. Unless, of course you post just for the sake of it and maintain your stats...

RAW: Slight shadow lifting and highlight balancing. WB was surprisingly accurate.

RAW: Applied warmer tone and fixed the highlights.

RAW: Slight lifting of exposure and highlights.

All JPEGs taken in Fine, NR 0, DR Auto, which are the default settings.

This is but a very few of SOOC JPEGs that I have taken and note that there really is not much difference between the adjustments. For professionals, the inclusion of RAW, whether or not tis needed is always a must.


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