Help with light stand please

Started Apr 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
Tihomir Junior Member • Posts: 40
Re: Help with light stand please

It depends on how the receiver connects to the flash. There are 2 types of receivers:

1. Ones that connect to the flash via the PC sync port - in this case you have to buy a cold shoe similar to this one:

it will be put on the thread of the stand and will hold the flash on the top while the receiver can be velcro/tape-ed to the flash so it doesn't hang on the PC sync cord.

2. Other receivers are designed to work with a small speedlight and have a hot shoe over them. They usually have a theaded hole at the bottom that matches the standard light stand mounting knob.

However I would recommend to buy an umbrella holder that already has a cold shoe mounting bracket. It can be used to hold the flash with or without the umbrella.

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