How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

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Who cares.

I think it is a good picture. The "rules" of photography are eye candy or a drug, it is what the brain wants to see and what it likes. But the most important attribute of a photo is does it tell a story or set a mood. The brain like this too but not because of some rule. Because it causes you to think.

I don't care about the rules. I like the photo. Could you have used rules.. sure, they can help a good photo become better but sometimes you don't have the shot, you can't place the subject, cropping changes your idea or takes away from the emotion.

Remember some people are jealous cause they don't have images like this in their gallery. I say it is a cool photo.

The Jacal wrote:

Hi all,

I quite like this photo, I was lucky with the timing, lack of people, the weather; the cloudburst that finished about two minutes before gives a nice reflection, and lucky with the 'antenna'.

I know that it doesn't follow traditional rules. I tried to get a bit of symmetry, a bit of balance without having too much dead space.

Insect man.

It's an 'old' pic from the summer; I mislaid the memory card and found it recently, which was nice.

Anyway, what do you think?

Constructive criticism is good, if you're going to be 'mean-spirited', no problem, just say what is wrong, 



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