Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Not really.. it is a good suggestion.

Pabloelguapo wrote:

chris_uk wrote:

You could always clean the sensor and go and take some pictures

No comment, worthless and very stupid!

Look you know that the Nikons had this problem. You sent one back because of the problem. So you have two choices, clean the sensor yourself which is not hard. Send the camera back for cleaning to Nikon. Or go to Canon or another brand. My old Nikon would get dust spots when I changed lenses. I would have to clean it. If I let it go for too long it got hard to clean.

So what you have proved is that this is a problem for some Nikon D600s. I suppose you are upset because you did not get a "good" one. But that is the way it is so get use to it. Work around the problem or sell your stuff and get a Canon.

I shoot both Canon and Nikon, and they both have limitations and problems. Some of the Canons have banding and their noise is more prominent which means you have to spend more time in photo editing program. The D600 you will have to edit out the spots or clean it.

Crying about it won't help, work with it or move on. Good luck to you.

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