So who's migrated from a NEX?

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Re: So who's migrated from a NEX?

simoru wrote:

.... and why?

I currently shoot with [a museum piece really] - a Konica Minolta 7D.    The natural upgrade path is to the Sony SLT range.   But I'm getting tired of lugging around a huge bag of gear...   Then I looked at the NEX series.... and then I found the X series... both great camera ranges but quite unique in their fields too.

Curious to know who else is either on, or been on the same journey as me.

I found one place that has the XE1 with 35mm for $1195 [Aussie] - tempting, but can't help feel that an X Pro 2 is just around the corner.


I have owned a 5, a 5N and a 7 briefly along with various lenses (inckuding the Zeiss 24/1.8) and accessories.  I loved everything about the system except for one key thing.  The native lenses.  They are mediocre at best and Sony has done a terrible job in developing the lens lineup for this system.

Even the Zeiss 24/1.8 is only very good and not excellent (by Zeiss standards).  The Fuji lenses in comparison are miles ahead of anything Sony has done with the NEX system, in my opinion, which is what really makes the difference for me.  The one added benefit, is that I enjoy shooting the Fuji bodies better, though I did not dislike shooting the NEX bodies like many others do.

I think the Fuji lens roadmap is going to fill in the gaps beautifully to make a really great system, especially as the bodies continue to evolve.  It does not completely replace my Nikon D800 with pro glass, but it covers 85% of what I shoot.  So much so, that I have started to pair down my collection of Nikon glass to only what I will be shooting with the DSLR system moving forward.  That's a big move for me.

I still have the 5N, because one thing that the Sony does very well is video.  I don't do long captures, so the overheating thing is not an issue for me (but is a very real issue).  I do small clips of the kid's events with it and it's fine for that.  I might sell the Sony and get an inexpensive HD video camera at some point, but for now the 5N does the job I need.

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