Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

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Re: Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

Yes. Everything is imported when I start my test and the app is restarted after the import before the test. Faces disabled, previews generated. I even tried to restart the computer between the test to minimise impact of disk cache (but I am on SSD).

I am using D600 (24 megapixels). For this tests I used D800 RAWs downloaded from here:


I can see the difference even on my 12mp files from D700. It was slow, but manageable. I started to suffer once I switched to 24 megapixels. It forced me to thing about upgrade.

Looks like it is about CPU performance. Memory is fine - the Aperture process consumes about 1GB active memory after start. Lightroom is about 660MB. Despite having just 4GB memory I have 1.27GB inactive and 200MB free - so definitely no memory issue. No page-outs (and swapping is very fast on SSD).

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