So who's migrated from a NEX?

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Re: So who's migrated from a NEX?

jcharding wrote:

Its been a long time since I used it, but I too once used a KM7D.  In many ways still my favorite DSLR.  And although I never had a 70-200 G, I did have the 80-200.  One of my favorite lenses ever, and Sony's refusal to repair it led to my setting aside the 7D and selling my A700.

It is my understanding that the Minolta team residing within Sony had virtually nothing to do with the NEX, which I guess based on form factor alone is completely unsurprising.  I think this tidbit though underscores that there is still a schism within Sony on how to approach photographic products.  Some will appeal to a longtime Minolta user, others are not.  I suspect the NEX series will trouble your photographic soul.  I suspect the old-school Fuji approach to photography will appeal.

I would not wait for an XPro2 - it may be months (perhaps a year) until one arrives and can be purchased.  I don't know if you can physically touch either camera, but try to hunt one down - particularly a NEX as I suspect that it will be easier to find one to play with.

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Interesting comment about the Fuji appealing to my photographic soul... thinking about how I've shot all these years with the KM7D, very rarely have I ever had to delve into the menus - I sense the Fuji would be very much the same.

Thanks for your feedback.


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