So who's migrated from a NEX?

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Re: So who's migrated from a NEX?

Gary H wrote:

Your idea of holding out for a FF Sony NEX is a good one.

I've a NEX-6, NEX-7 and X100 & 's'.  The NEX-7 is a really good camera that outresolves the X100s.  I agree that Fuji has better menus, but the NEX-7 tri-navi is really good and allows full manual control.  I purchased the '7' and cancelled the Xpro-1 and three lenses.  I must disagree regarding the Zeiss 24mm.  This is a fine lens which outresolves my X100s, even on a NEX-6.  I agree that the Sigma 30mm is a very nice inexpensive lens.  I would not buy the Fuji until they have focus peaking.  The lack of focus peaking and the poor video is what made me decide to get the Sony.  These cameras should move to the next generation in the next four months, or so.  It should be interesting as to how things sort out.  Also, the new Zeiss lenses and some additional Sony offerings should make Sony more competitive.

I do think focus peaking would be a great thing to have - never used it, but can imagine it would be quite helpful to absolutely nail focus.

As for video, my current DSLR doesn't take it, so even if it did a half decent job, that's fine for me - I'm more interested in still images anyway.

Thanks for your input Gary.

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