Every APSC mount gets the new Sigma 1.8 zoom except us?

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Re: you must not own a nex camera

captura wrote:

Sk8trguy wrote:

almost every nex owner uses an adapter of some kind.  some use the alpha adapter, others the canon fd or nikon, there are also the metbones, not to mention the wa adapters for the 16mm lens.  next you are going to whine about filters?

Some (only) Sony NEX owners use adapters because, with focus peaking, Legacy lenses can be focused so very easily; one of the advantages of the NEX system.

The "adapters" you mention for the 16E2.8 lens are not adapters; they are UWA and fisheye converters that bayonet onto the front of the 16.

think of it this way - you can't use the vcl-efc1 fisheye lens without the 16mm just like you can't use an alpha lens without the la-ea1 or la-ea2. you are right they are not true adapters but that rant about adapters was pretty ridiculous.  that guy in one rant claims nex has a great lineup of lenses because it can use dlsr lenses and then the next claims that you shouldn't count adapted lenses - 'It will not work (without adapter) on the Canon EOS-M mirrorless'.  sorry, but i would like that option - especially since the future may be a nex/alpha hybrid!

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