What is the purpose of the Coolpix A?

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Different needs - what is so hard to understand?

Darryl E Mylrea wrote:

JacquesBalthazar wrote:

D7K quality in the pocket of your shirt, your suit jacket, your cycling jersey  or your cargo shorts. Have "pro" level photography capability at hand  at parties, at music festivals, at the pub, in the street, hiking in the mountains, without feeling any weight and without being seen as the regular "photo freak". Or simply stroll down the alleys of a seedy neighbourhood without feeling like a prime mugging target.

Pretty compelling when you are a really keen photographer. This A is a beauty!

I guess it's just me, but I would not have any expectations (or need, really) for "pro" quality shots from on-the-go places like bars, concerts, etc.

Well, there you go, you are not in the target audience. Problem solved, question answered

Look, there are probably hundreds of thousands of photographers out there (globally) which would agree with you. And there are just as probably thousands, if not tens of thousands, photographers out there (again, globally) which do not agree with that, who do want professional grade image quality in situations where even a mirrorless camera is to bulky.

Considering what it takes to get a really good shot from a DSLR like the D7100, I don't see me whipping out my "A" from my shirt pocket and snapping that $1000 shot.

Well, then you need to start practicing a bit

I did purchase a Sony NEX a while back, just for the purpose of taking on hikes, as my D300 was big and bulky for such trips, and with the ability to twist on a good zoom lens makes it a useful camera with excellent quality.  Limit it to 28mm...not so useful for me.

There are many, many, many photographers who do not feel the need for the comfort and convenience of a zoom or even replaceable lenses. They do very likely form a minority, probably even a small minority, but still a minority big enough to be a viable market.

Look Ricoh has been selling expensive compacts with a fixed single focal length lens for years and I know several photographers who gladly use them. They probably appreciate both the Coolpix A and Ricoh GR with their excellent sensors.

Look at all the people who bought and happily use the Fujifilm X100 and now X100s.

I personally have shot many special and useful images with a Nikon L35AW AF, not just underwater (its speciality), but also when flying paraglider, hiking, running or just walking around. A fixed single focal length lens is not the bugbear of of photography many thinks it is. The simplicity is surprisingly often both a relief and quite fun.

After looking at the Sony RX1 (upwards of $3000), there is obviously a market for this type of limited function camera, and people with wallets to keep it going.

Now you answered your initial question: These cameras exist because there is a market for them.

I could pose you a number of similar questions:

- "What is the purpose of a 600/4 telephoto lens?"

- "What is the purpose of a fisheye lens?"

- "What is the purpose of a tilt/shift lens?"

- ""What is the purpose of cameras like Eos 1DX/Nikon D4?"

(and many, many more similar questions)

The answer is very much the same as for your initial question:

Because there exist a group of users who are willing to pay the price and endure the hassle of these products to get what they uniquely can provide.

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